Upgrade Your Sonoma Time Server (GPS-Synchronized)

Sonoma NTP Time Server (GPS)

Free Software Upgrades

The software on this page is for the GPS-Synchronized Sonoma shipped before June 2017.  To confirm that you are on the right page, at the Sonoma CLI type command: "gpsversion".  You will see the firmware number at the beginning of the response.  The F/W number should be: 6010-0071-000.  If it is not, click here.

The latest binary image files:

Linux Subsystem (Root File System)
Download 6010-0065-000 v3.01
WARNING: Some browsers will automatically unzip this file. Make sure the size is < 40M before you upgrade.
MD5 Checksum: 94b9d0dee1fc854123ccf34c2648a257
Click here to see list of changes.
Linux Subsystem (Kernel)
Download 6010-0064-000 v2.01
MD5 Checksum: f2624e59fec5a9da0f7af4dadb321cf3
Click here to see list of changes.
GPS Subsystem
Download 6010-0071-000 v3.00
Click here to see list of changes.


Upgrade Instructions

For complete instructions, please refer to "Appendix B - Upgrading the Firmware" of your User Manual. If you want to download the latest manual click here for the Sonoma D12 User Manual and here for the Sonoma N12 User Manual.

If you have any questions or problems with the upgrade please contact customer support by email (support@endruntechnologies.com) or phone (1-877-749-3878 or 1-707-573-8633).


History of Software Changes

Linux Subsystem (Root File System) — Software Part Number 6010-0065-000

Version Date Changes
3.01 11/2018 Changes include:
1.  Added Hybrid Mode to the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) option.
2.  Fixed rare SNMP bug when querying the fault status bytes.
RECOMMENDATION: No need to upgrade unless you use SNMP or want the PTP Hybrid Mode. If you choose to upgrade then you must also upgrade the GPS Subsystem.
2.40 9/2017 Changes include:
1.  Calculation of NTP refclock peer dispersion reverted to that of NTP versions 4.2.2 and earlier.  This improves compatibility in installations operating mixtures of old and new Stratum 1 NTP servers.
2.  Added missing shared library required by ntp-keygen binary.
RECOMMENDATION: No need to upgrade unless you use ntp-keygen.
2.30 6/2017 Repaired broken iptables installation.
RECOMMENDATION: No need to upgrade unless you want to use iptables.
2.21 6/2017 Changes made are not pertinent to the GPS-Synchronized Sonoma.
RECOMMENDATION: No need to upgrade.
2.20 5/2017 Very minor bug fixes for users who have customized their /etc/profile or /etc/rc.d/rc.M file.  New environment variables were not being set after firmware upgrades.
RECOMMENDATION: No need to upgrade.
2.12 12/2016 Updated NTP to version 4.2.8p9 due to recently-discovered vulnerabilities.  For more information see Network Security Bulletin NSB161205.  For additional security recommendations, see Best Practices to Secure Your Time Server.
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade. 
2.11 8/2016 Changes include:
1.  Updated NTP to version 4.2.8p8.
2.  Added new command ("installed_sw_opts") to show a list of installed software options (if any).
3.  Inhibited excessive SNMP logging to system logs.
4.  PTP Option: Changed TFOM level used to indicate GPS locked status from 3 to 4. This prevents the PTP Time Source from bouncing between GPS and OSC.
5.  PTP Option: Reduced PTP logging when Port State is passive.
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade.
2.01 05/2016 Changes include:
1.  Added more logging information for PTP option.
2.  Enabled operation of Linux binaries: tcpdump, ping6, udevd, udevadm, dig and lsusb.  The libraries required for these binaries were missing after port to Slackware 14.1.  This problem is now corrected.
RECOMMENDATION: No need to upgrade unless one of the above items is important to you.
2.00 8/2015

Changes include:
1.  Updated entire file system to Slackware 14.1.
2.  Apache server version is now 2.4.10.
3.  OpenSSH version is now 6.7p1.
4.  OpenSSL version is now 1.0.1k.
5.  Updated NTP to version 4.2.8p1.
6. Updated PHP to version 5.4.36
7.  Added product serial number information to the web, front panel and command line interfaces.
7.  Modified netconfig script to not allow setting two default gateways.
8.  PTP Option: Changed delay request interval to 5 (32 seconds).
9.  PTP Option: Corrected issue where UTC Reasonable incorrectly changed from TRUE to FALSE.
10.  Corrected reporting bug in GPS UTC Info data reported from web, front panel and command line interfaces.
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade the Linux Subsystem (RFS) and the GPS Subsystem.

1.05 12/2014 Changes include:
1.  DHCP timeout changed from 10 to 30 seconds.
2.  Incorporated Apache and PHP hardening techniques.
3.  Added modification to handle the "Poodle" vulnerability.
4.  Precision Time Protocol (PTP) option bug fix in P2P mode.
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade.
1.04 9/2014 Patches applied to correct Shellshock vulnerabilities.  Please see Field Service Bulletin FSB140926-01.
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade unless you have secured your Time Server per the instructions in the Bulletin.  For additional security recommendations, see Best Practices to Secure Your Time Server.
1.03 5/2014 Changes include:
1.  Minor bugs fixed in the PTP option.
2.  Fixed operation when the user disables PTP1 or both PTP0 and PTP1.  (For PTP option.)
3.  Added network configuration utility called "ip" to the file system because some Linux users want it.
RECOMMENDATION: No need to upgrade unless one of the above items is important to you.
1.01 10/2013 Changes include:
1.  Added new Sonoma model support (Sonoma N12).
2.  Added Web Interface firmware upgrade capability for the Linux Kernel.
3.  Fixed Web Interface plot/chart display when plot directory is empty.
4.  Fixed network configuration problems when DHCP is enabled on a port and no DCHP server is available.
5.  Fixed entry of Time-To-Live when using the ntpconfig script to set up NTP multicast.
6.  Dual Power Supply Option: Added fault masking capability.
7.  Dual Power Supply Option: Fixed Web Interface not showing this option when it is installed.
8.  PTP/IEEE-1588 Option: Fixed possible error in the sequence ID number of PTP packets when they arrive very close together.
9.  PTP/IEEE-1588 Option: Corrected value of transport-specific field of PTP announce packet.
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade.
1.00 3/2013 Initial release.


Linux Subsystem (Kernel) — Software Part Number 6010-0064-000

Version Date Changes
2.01 11/2016 Applied patch to neutralize the "COW" vulnerability.  This vulnerability allowed privilege escalation of existing users having shell access to the system.
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade.
2.00 9/2016 Added Advanced Routing and Net Filtering capabilities to support advanced handling of the two network interfaces.  These features may be accessed using the iproute2 utilities provided by the ip binary.
RECOMMENDATION: No need to upgrade unless you want to use this advanced feature.
1.01 10/2013 PTP Option: Fixed possible error in the sequence ID number of PTP packets when they arrive very close together.
RECOMMENDATION: No need to upgrade unless you use the PTP/IEEE-1588 option.
1.00 3/2013 Initial release.


GPS Subsystem — Software Part Number 6010-0071-000

Version Date Changes
3.00 11/2018 Changes not pertinent to the Sonoma.
RECOMMENDATION: If you upgrade the Linux Root File System then you must upgrade the GPS Subsystem.
2.05 11/2017

Bug corrected that caused a GPS Subsystem reset several times per year. This interrupted NTP and PTP service for several minutes.

RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade.

2.04 4/2017 Rare bug corrected that causes a GPS Subsystem reset every few months (on average).
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade.
2.02 8/2016 Changes include:
1.  Reduced false alarms that may occur when GPS antenna is subject to interference or is located in a weak signal area.
2.  Bug corrected that prevents leap second from occurring if unit is not receiving a GPS signal at UTC midnight on the day of the leap.
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade.
2.01 5/2016 Changes include:
1.  Adding more error checking on information received from a 3rd-party receiver (which is resident inside Sonoma).  This will help protect Sonoma from problems that may occur due to GPS system errors or spoofing.
2.  Corrected bug to properly handle the GPS week rollover in 2019.  This is a minor bug - which will result in an error of <1 microsecond for a few days prior to the week rollover on April 7, 2019.  This version ensures that Sonoma will not be negatively affected by a GPS week rollover until the year 2035.
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade and make sure your Linux Subsystem RFS is at version 2.00 or later.
2.00 8/2015 Changes include:
1.  Corrected TFOM changing too quickly for some GPS antenna installations.  TFOM would quickly change from 3 to 4 and back again, which caused unwanted SNMP trap notifications.  (This behavior will continue to be appropriate for some GPS window-mount installations.).
2.  Added support to provide product serial number to user interface.
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade the Linux Subsystem (RFS) and the GPS Subsystem.
1.00 3/2013 Initial release.