Upgrade Your Sonoma Time Server (GPS-Synchronized)

Sonoma NTP Time Server (GPS)

Free Software Upgrades

The software available on this page is for the Sonoma D12 or N12, GPS-Synchronized.  To download software for the CDMA-Synchronized Sonoma click here.

First you must check the firmware number of your GPS Subsystem.  Sonoma Time Servers shipped prior to June 2017 use different firmware from those shipped afterwards.  This is because the GPS Receiver in the Sonoma changed.

To get the GPS Subsystem firmware number, at the Sonoma CLI type command: "gpsversion".
You will see the firmware number at the beginning of the response.  It will look similar to this:

   F/W 6010-007x-000 Ver 2.02 - FPGA 6020-0012-000 Ver 01 - APR 08 15:10:18

Click here if x=1 (F/W number is 6010-0071-000).

Click here if x=6 (F/W number is 6010-0076-000).

If you have any questions or problems with the upgrade please contact customer support by email (support@endruntechnologies.com) or phone (1-877-749-3878 or 1-707-573-8633).