Upgrade Your Praecis Cntp Network Time Server (CDMA)

Free Software Upgrades

We provide free software upgrades for our products. The software available on this page is for the Præcis Cntp only - the NTP Server with CDMA.  To download software for the Præcis Gntp (NTP Server with GPS) click here. The latest binary image files are below:

NTP Subsystem - v1.11 (<3M gzip)
WARNING!!! Some browsers will automatically unzip this file which will render your time server inoperable.  After you have downloaded, make sure the gzip file is <3M in size before proceeding with the upgrade.
CDMA Receiver Subsystem - v2.18 (<220K)


Upgrade Instructions

To start please refer to "Appendix B - Upgrading the Firmware" of your Præcis Cntp User's Manual.  To download the user manual click here.

The first image file above is for the NTP Subsystem.  This is a GZIP file (.gz) so use as is - do not decompress it before downloading into the NTP Subsystem.  To download follow the instructions in "Appendix B - Performing the Præcis Cntp Upgrade".

The second image file above is for the CDMA Subsystem.  To download follow the instructions in "Appendix B - Performing the CDMA Upgrade".

If you have any problems with the upgrade please contact customer support by email or phone: 1-877-749-3878.


History of Software Changes

NTP Subsystem — Software Part Number 6010-0002-000

Version Changes
1.11 Changes include:
1.  Added netstat utility.
2.  Fixed minor SNMP bugs.
3.  Forced file system check on boot.
1.10 Reserved.
1.09 Changes affected Linux kernel.  Root file system is the same as in version 1.08 - no need to update if you already have version 1.08.
1.08 Updated the OpenSSH version to 3.7.1p2.  Updated the OpenSSL version to 0.9.6k.  The OpenSSL libraries are used by SSH and SNMP for their encryption capabilities.
1.07 Updated NTP daemon (ntpd) to version 4.1.1c-rc2. This corrects a problem when in multicast mode with authentication.
1.06 Changes include:
1.  Addition of some MIB variables and a trap.
2.  The addition of a multicast configuration capability.
3.  New command added - cntposctype.
4.  New commands added - cntptimemodeconfig and cntptimemode. These commands are pertinent to those NTP units with the optional time code output.
1.05 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) added.
1.04 Changes include:
1.  Secure Shell (SSH) added.
2.  Two new commands added - cdmaleapconfig and cdmaleapmode.


CDMA Receiver Subsystem — Software Part Number 6010-0001-003

Version Changes
2.18 Changes are pertinent to GPS units and are not listed here.
2.17 Fixed a CDMA signal processor problem that occurred, rarely, in units with standard TCXO oscillators.
2.16 Changes are pertinent to Time & Frequency units and are not listed here.
2.15 Enhancements to frequency control algorithm to improve operation of high-stability oscillators in bad multipath environment.
2.14 Improved integrity checking on time information input.
2.13 Corrected bug in holdover-capability for units for oscillator options.
2.12 Added local time capability for units with optional time code output.
2.11 Added a five-minute warmup period for units with Rubidium oscillators.
2.10 Changes are pertinent to the frequency products and are not listed here.
2.09 Added optional time code output capability.
2.08 Added capability to decode CDMA timing information as the CDMA Mobile Telecommunications System evolves to 3G, which is based on the CDMA2000 specification.
2.07 Added ability to decode Korean frequencies.
2.06 Enhancements to CDMA signal processor.