"Indirect GPS" CDMA Timing Products Shipping

Santa Rosa, California, October 12, 2000 — EndRun Technologies, a precision time and frequency company, began shipping its new timing products based on cellular wireless CDMA technology. The Praecis products are the first, low-cost, CDMA-based timing products in the industry.  Like cellular telephones, Praecis operates reliably inside buildings.  By contrast, traditional GPS timing systems need rooftop-mounted antennas.  GPS antenna installation can range from being merely a nuisance to being impossible, especially in urban canyons. The Praecis products elegantly solve this problem with a small antenna mounted directly on the unit.

"We are very excited with the initial sales of the Praecis products", says Peter England, Sales Manager. "Since this is new technology, most of our customers are purchasing units for evaluation.  We are confident that our products work well and that installation is easy, so we expect many repeat orders."

Praecis uses the existing CDMA wireless infrastructure, whose system timing is slaved to GPS, to precisely synchronize itself to UTC.  In effect, the CDMA base stations serve as GPS "repeaters". Praecis can establish UTC time to the 10-microsecond level of accuracy.  The frequency output is highly stable, comparable to direct GPS, and it matches UTC to less than 10-11.

Praecis comes in three versions. The Praecis Ct operates as a low-cost timing source for the synchronization of network servers.  It offers drop-in compatibility with Unix/Linux and Windows NT servers, using existing public-domain NTP software. The Praecis Cf provides both a 1 pulse-per-second and a precision 10 MHz standard frequency for users requiring an accurate, low-cost, convenient time and frequency source.  Finally, the Praecis Ce is available for OEM customers who need a small circuit board for embedded applications.  Units are now in stock. Call 1-877-749-3878 for more information or go to www.endruntechnologies.com.

About Endrun Technologies:
The design engineers at EndRun Technologies have many years of expertise in the precision time and frequency field, especially GPS-based systems.  They have recognized an exciting opportunity to focus on CDMA technology, rather than GPS, as a means of providing customers with a truly low-cost and hassle-free product.