EndRun Technologies Introduces New Fiber Optic Link Option

Santa Rosa, CA, March 4, 2009 - EndRun Technologies, a manufacturer of time and frequency equipment, today announced the development of an indoor transmitter component for its AFL3430 Antenna Fiber Optic Link.  The AFL3430 is used in GPS receiver installations that require very long cable runs, enhanced lightning protection, or RED/BLACK Tempest isolation required by the United States Government and Military.

Fiber optic links consist of two components - a transmitter and a receiver.  The original NMEA4 outdoor transmitter enclosure is of very high-quality, made of stainless steel, and remains available for existing and new installations.  The new 1U rackmount enclosure was designed for indoor use and gives customers an option to mount the fiber optic transmitter in a location where a rack and power are readily available.

"We decided that a transmitter enclosure specifically for indoor use made sense," said Dave Lobsinger, Vice President. "The indoor rackmount enclosure can be supplied as a lower cost solution compared to the outdoor enclosure.  Many of our customers appreciate this."

The AFL3430 Fiber Optic Link with indoor transmitter is available now.  Call 1-877-749-3878 for more information or go to www.endruntechnologies.com.

About EndRun Technologies:
EndRun Technologies designs, develops, manufactures and markets precision time and frequency products.  These products are needed in widely dispersed markets such as calibration laboratories, power utilities, military test range timing, wired and wireless telecommunications and many others.