EndRun Technologies Introduces CDMA Timing Products

Santa Rosa, California May 4, 2000 — EndRun Technologies, a new player in the time and frequency instrumentation arena, announces today the completion of the development phase of their Praecis family of time and frequency products.  They expect production quantities of the products to be available in the late third quarter time frame.

The Praecis instrument family has harnessed the reliability and accuracy of the GPS satellite system via the CDMA cellular wireless network used by many digital telephones.  In effect, these products use the CDMA base stations as GPS "repeaters" for time and frequency applications.  No antenna installation is required with the Praecis products, and like cellular telephones, they work inside buildings, giving them a distinct advantage over traditional GPS systems with their associated rooftop mounted antennas.

EndRun Technologies currently plans to offer the Praecis in three market areas. The Praecis Ct operates as a low cost timing source for the synchronization of network servers.  It offers drop-in compatibility with Unix/Linux and Windows NT servers, using existing public domain software/drivers.  The Praecis Cf provides both a 1 Pulse Per Second and a precision 10 MHz standard frequency for users requiring an accurate, low cost, convenient time and frequency source.  Finally, the Praecis Ce is available for OEM customers who need a small circuit board for embedded time and frequency applications.

About EndRun Technologies
EndRun Technologies began in early 1998 providing new product design services to the electronic instrumentation industry.  Their engineers have many years of design experience with specific expertise in the precision time and frequency area, especially GPS based systems.  The breadth of their experience has allowed them to develop these sophisticated new products based entirely on their own internal capabilities.  They have recognized an exciting opportunity to focus on CDMA technology as a means of providing customers with a truly low cost and hassle-free product.  EndRun Technologies believes this new product will fit well into a large untapped market of users who need accurate time and frequency but can't justify the cost and/or installation issues associated with a traditional GPS based system.