EndRun Technologies Announces Telecom Clock Option

Santa Rosa, CA, June 5, 2009 - EndRun Technologies, a manufacturer of time and frequency equipment, today announced the development of a Telecom Clock Option for its Meridian Precision GPS Timebase.  The Meridian provides the most accurate and stable GPS-synchronized outputs in the world and is used in military communications, aerospace, broadcast, engineering & calibration laboratories, telecommunications and more.

The Telecom Clock Option was designed as a plug-and-play module that can supply any combination of E1, T1, J1 and/or Composite Clock outputs.  An alarm output is also available and SSM is supported.  The Telecom Clock Option can be installed in EndRun's GPS or unique CDMA-based Meridian and Tycho product lines.

"We developed the Telecom Clock Option to satisfy customer requirements" said Dave Lobsinger, Vice President. "We recently had many requests for an option that provides E1/T1 clock outputs and were able to develop this module quickly enough to keep our customers happy."

The Telecom Clock Option is available now.  Call 1-877-749-3878 for more information or go to www.endruntechnologies.com.

About EndRun Technologies:
EndRun Technologies designs, develops, manufactures and markets precision time and frequency products.  These products are needed in widely dispersed markets such as calibration laboratories, power utilities, military test range timing, wired and wireless telecommunications and many others.