EndRun Technologies Announces Second Model in High-Performance Time Server Series

Santa Rosa, CA, November 1, 2013 - EndRun Technologies, a precision time and frequency company, today announced the availability of the new Sonoma N12 Time Server for Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP/IEEE-1588) applications.  The Sonoma N12 is part of the Sonoma series of Network Time Servers using either GPS or CDMA as a timing reference.

The Sonoma series now has two models available - the Sonoma D12 and the Sonoma N12.  The popular Sonoma D12 is differentiated by the addition of an easy-to-use front-panel keypad and display.  The Sonoma N12 is without this keypad/display feature and is ideally situated for remote server rooms.

Both Sonoma models share the same ultra-high bandwidth network processor supporting two standard gigabit ports with optional PTP hardware timestamping.  The Sonoma can support hundreds of thousands of NTP clients with ease.  The CDMA receiver available only from EndRun makes installation easy with an indoor antenna, while the GPS receiver provides a time synchronization accuracy of 30 nanoseconds.  Sonoma D12 and N12 features include:

  • Stratum 1 network time server.
  • Multiple-port gigabit network interface.
  • Available using an indoor antenna with CDMA-synchronization.
  • Available using a GPS 12-channel receiver for nanosecond accuracy.
  • Daily and weekly plot files for the CPU, NTP and Oscillator statistics.
  • HTTPS status monitoring.
  • Optional Quartz OCXO Oscillator or Rubidium Oscillator for improved holdover.
  • Optional Dual Power supplies.
  • Optional IEEE-1588-2008 hardware timestamping for nanosecond timing.

The Sonoma N12 is available now.  Other products and options are also available.  Call 1-877-749-3878 for more information or go to www.endruntechnologies.com.

About EndRun Technologies:
EndRun Technologies designs, develops, manufactures and markets precision time and frequency products.  EndRun design engineers have many years of specific expertise in the precision time and frequency area, especially GPS, CDMA, and network-based systems.