EndRun Technologies Announces New GPS Time & Frequency Standard

Santa Rosa, CA, March 29, 2005 — EndRun Technologies, a precision time and frequency company, today announced the Meridian Precision GPS TimeBase.  The Meridian uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide highly accurate time and frequency signals.  Applications include test and measurement, data acquisition, power utilities, range timing, broadcast and the telecommunications industry.

The Meridian is a versatile, 1U rackmount instrument with user-selectable outputs to fit customer requirements.  Standard features include a 1 pulse-per-second (PPS) output, an IRIG-B timecode output, and a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server.  Management and control is via a user-friendly keypad and display, an RS-232 serial port, and a network port.  The Meridian TimeBase has the best specifications for a mid-range frequency standard in the world:

  • Accurate to < 10 nanoseconds RMS to GPS Time.
  • Frequency stability better than 1x10-13.

"The Meridian provides a cost-effective solution for a variety of commercial and government customers." says Greg Kret, Vice President of Sales. "Reliability, ease of configuration and high-performance make the Meridian ideal for our diverse customer base.  As we advance our technology, we are able to provide even greater performance and higher reliability for our customers."

The Meridian Precision GPS TimeBase is available now.  Call 1-877-749-3878 for more information or go to www.endruntechnologies.com.

About EndRun Technologies:
EndRun Technologies designs, develops, manufactures and markets precision time and frequency products.  EndRun design engineers have many years of specific expertise in the precision time and frequency area, especially GPS-based systems and frequency/oscillator control.