Upgrade Your RTM3205 Precision Timing Module

RTM3204 Precision TimeBase

Free Software Upgrades

We provide free software upgrades for our products.  The software available on this page is for the RTM3205. Here are the latest binary image files:

Linux Subsystem (Root File System)
Download 6010-0069-000 v3.04
WARNING: Some browsers will automatically unzip this file.  After you have downloaded, make sure the size is < 40M.
MD5 Checksum: 5c78bdac1949a683cef7e15c027d38ba
Click here to see list of changes.
Linux Subsystem (Kernel)
Download 6010-0064-000 v2.01
MD5 Checksum: f2624e59fec5a9da0f7af4dadb321cf3
Click here to see list of changes.
GPS Subsystem
Download 6010-0076-000 v3.05
MD5 Checksum: 4203e777270d1cc1e15a3f9288dbef1b
Click here to see list of changes.
GPS Receiver
Download 6010-0081-000 v1.30
MD5 Checksum: 93fb8e3cca2dfd936fd0a75e6d950c78
Click here to see list of changes.


Upgrade Instructions

For complete instructions, please refer to "Appendix B - Upgrading the Firmware" of your User Manual.  If you want to download the latest manual click here for the RTM3205 User Manual.

If you have any questions or problems with the upgrade please contact customer support by email (support@endruntechnologies.com) or phone (1-877-749-3878 or 1-707-573-8633).


History of Software Changes

Linux Subsystem (Root File System) — Software Part Number 6010-0069-000

Version Date Changes
3.04 9/2019 Added handling of new GPS Subsystem log messages (see version 3.04 of the GPS Subsystem).
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade.
3.01 11/2018 Changes include:
1.  Added Hybrid Mode to the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) option.
2.  Fixed rare SNMP bug when querying the fault status bytes.
RECOMMENDATION: No need to upgrade unless you use SNMP or want the PTP Hybrid Mode. If you choose to upgrade then you must also upgrade the GPS Subsystem.
2.40 9/2017 Initial release.


Linux Subsystem (Kernel) — Software Part Number 6010-0064-000

Version Date Changes
2.01 11/2016 Initial release.


GPS Subsystem — Software Part Number 6010-0076-000

Version Date Changes
3.05 12/2019 Changes include:
1.  Fixed nuisance reporting bug when unit is in Stratum 2 operation, with unknown position mode and no antenna connected.
2.  Fixed rare bug where GPS receiver is unable to move from LOCKING to LOCKED.
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade at your next maintenance opportunity.
3.04 9/2019 Changes include:
1.  Improved hardening against, and logging of, anomalous GPS system events.
2.  Added support for new rubidium oscillator type.
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade.
3.00 9/2018 Changes not pertinent to the RTM3205.
RECOMMENDATION: If you upgrade the Linux Root File System then you must upgrade the GPS Subsystem.
2.40 12/2017 Initial release.


GPS Receiver — Software Part Number 6010-0081-000

Version Date Changes
1.30 10/2019

Improved hardening against, and logging of, anomalous GPS system events.

RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade.

1.20 6/2017

Initial release.