Upgrade Your Distribution Chassis

One of Four Distribution Chassis

Free Software Upgrades

We provide free software upgrades for our products. The software available on this page is for all four of the e-Series Distribution Chassis (FDC3300e, PDC3301e, FDC3302e and TDC3303e). Here are the latest binary image files:

Linux Subsystem (Root File System)
Download 6010-0083-000 v1.03
WARNING: Some browsers will automatically unzip this file.  After you have downloaded, make sure the size is < 40M.
MD5 Checksum: 496c22644ea44707048ee7322e3501fd
Click here to see list of changes.
Linux Subsystem (Kernel)
There is no upgrade available for the Linux Kernel.
Distribution Subsystem
There is no upgrade available for the Distribution Subsystem.


Upgrade Instructions

For complete instructions, please refer to "Appendix B - Upgrading the Firmware" of your User Manual.  Here are the latest manuals:
     FDC3300e User Manual
     PDC3301e User Manual
     FDC3302e User Manual
     TDC3303e User Manual

If you have any problems with the upgrade please contact customer support by email or phone: 707-573-8633.


History of Software Changes

Linux Subsystem (Root File System) — Software Part Number 6010-0083-000

Version Date Changes
1.03 9/2019 More robust system watchdog handling added.
RECOMMENDATION: No need to upgrade.
1.02 3/2019 Enhanced NILFS garbage collection on non-volatile file system partitions.
RECOMMENDATION: No need to upgrade.
1.01 3/2019 Fixed SNMP MIB-2 bug.
RECOMMENDATION: Please upgrade if you use SNMP.
1.00 12/2018 Initial release.


Linux Subsystem (Kernel) — Software Part Number 6010-0082-000

Version Date Changes
1.00 8/2018 Initial release.


Distribution Subsystem — Software Part Number 6010-0077-000

Version Date Changes
1.00 9/2018 Initial release.