FDC3302 High-Performance Frequency Distribution Chassis
For Distributing High-Frequency (100 kHz to 30 MHz) Sinewaves

High-Performance Frequency Distribution Chassis

Our High-Performance Frequency Distribution Chassis is a ten-channel, RF distribution amplifier in a 1U rackmount chassis.  It provides ten copies of an input signal and has state-of-the-art isolation and phase-noise performance.  Fault sensing of signal levels is provided on all inputs and outputs, and fault status is easily visible via front-panel LED indicators.
  • Single Input or Autoswitching Between Dual Inputs
  • 10-Channel, Broadband (100 kHz to 30 MHz) Sine Wave Distribution
  • Very Low Added Phase Noise
  • Very High Port-to-Port Isolation
  • Very Low Distortion
  • RS-232 Port for Control and Monitoring
  • Dual-Redundant AC or DC Power Supply Option
  • Ethernet Port Option for Remote Control and Monitoring

Low-Phase-Noise Chart

Channel Isolation Chart

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Frequency Distribution Chassis

Frequency Distribution Chassis
A lower-cost alternative for broadband
(10 kHz to 10 MHz) sine wave distribution with reduced isolation and phase-noise performance.

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