Defense and Aerospace

The time & frequency requirements for the defense and aerospace industry vary widely.  From the need to securely synchronize computer networks, to the requirement for ultra-precise and ultra-stable 10-MHz outputs for satellite uplinks and frequency hopping - we have the expertise and the experience to meet your mission-critical requirements.  Typical applications include satellite earth stations, communications network timing, time & frequency distribution, radar system timing, and test range timing.

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Customer List
Our customers include military organizations, research organizations, and defense contractors:
Boeing Company
Department of Defence and Canadian Forces
EMS Satcom, Canada
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
General Dynamics
Joint Warfighting Center (JWFC)
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Massachusett's Institute of Technology (MIT)
Missile Defense Agency
Mitre Corporation
National Aeronautics & Space (NASA)
NETdefence Co. Ltd., Hong Kong
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
North East Air Defense Sector
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Raytheon Company
SATCOM Telecom, Canada
Scientific Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
Shook Mobile Technology
SPAWAR Systems Center
Special Operations Forces, Lexington, KY
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
United States Air Force - Kirtland AFB
United States Air Force - McClellan AFB
United States Air Force - Scott AFB
United States Army - Fort Collins
United States Army - Fort Gordon
United States Army - Fort Hood
United States Army - Fort Meade
United States Army - Fort Stewart
United States Coast Guard
United States Department of Defense
United States Marine Corp.
United States Naval Observatory
White Sands Missile Range
Primary Frequency References
Frequency Standard
Best-in-class precision time & frequency equipment used as references for communications systems, radar system timing and more.  Click here.

Time & Frequency Distribution
Time and Frequency Distribution
Low-noise distribution amplifiers to multiply the effectiveness of your frequency reference.  Both pulse and sine wave distribution amplifers are available.  Click here.

Network Time Servers
Time Server
Network Time Servers to synchronize your computer network.  Click here to see the four different models.

Digital Wall Clocks
Time Display

High visibility time displays used in control rooms are accurately synchronized from your reference time source.

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