Praecis II CDMA Timing Module
Time & Frequency Reference - No rooftop antenna required with CDMA
CDMA Timing Module Second generation product replaces Praecis Ct and
Praecis Cf
The Praecis II is a second generation time & frequency reference.  In addition to sourcing precision 1 PPS timing and 10 MPPS frequency signals via SMA connectors, the Praecis II also provides an RS-232 serial port for control, status and timing.  The RS-232 timing signals can be used for computer network synchronization via the Network Time Protocol (NTP).  Its small size and convenient packaging, coupled with its integrated antenna, make it easy to install wherever it is needed.  Features include:
  • Indoor Antenna with CDMA Synchronization (Cellular & PCS)
  • A 1 PPS signal which is synchronized to UTC at the 10-microsecond level of accuracy.
  • A 10 MPPS signal which is locked to the frequency of UTC to parts in 10 to the 12th.
  • An RS-232 serial port with ASCII time-of-day output.
  • RS-232 Timing Signals for NTP Synchronization.
  • One-year warranty and free software upgrades for life.
  • OCXO Oscillator Upgrade Option.
The Antenna Advantage
Most precision time receivers require an antenna that must be installed on the roof of your building, with good sky visibility.  The Praecis II eliminates this problem by synchronizing to within 10 microseconds of UTC using signals broadcast from the CDMA cellular telephone system.  You benefit by not having to install a rooftop antenna and still having a timing reference that is as stable as with GPS.

Second Generation
The Praecis II is a second generation product that takes advantage of over a decade of experience with CDMA timing modules and includes enhanced features, including the ability to synchronize to CDMA PCS frequencies.  Older generation products (Praecis Cf & Praecis Ct) could only synchronize to CDMA celluar frequencies.  This restricted the locations where they could operate.  Adding the CDMA PCS frequencies expands the range of locations where the Praecis II can be used.  The Praecis II replaces both the Praecis Cf and Praecis Ct by combining their functionality and is backwards compatible.

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