Frequency Standards

Telecom (T1/E1) Primary Reference Source
Our Meridian II Precision TimeBase Configured for PRS Operation

Meridian Configured as a Primary Reference Source

The Meridian II Precision TimeBase provides the most precise and stable, GPS-synchronized, time & frequency outputs in the world.  It can be configured with telecom clock outputs to meet the requirements of ANSI T1.101 and ITU-T G.811 pertaining to primary reference source operation.  Click here for datasheet.
  • Two to eight telecom outputs. Any combination of T1, E1 or Composite Clock.
  • Several oscillators available for differing levels of holdover performance.
  • Sync Status Messaging (SSM).
  • A frequency accuracy better than 1x10-13 at 1 day when locked.
  • A network port with NTP and standard network protocols.
  • Optional PTP/IEEE-1588.
  • A user-friendly display & keypad with built-in help menus.
  • Two-year warranty, free technical support and software upgrades for life.
Telecom Clock Outputs
Up to five Telecom Clock Output Modules can be installed in a Meridian.  Each module supports two T1, E1 or Composite Clock outputs (in any combination).  Sync Status Messaging (SSM) is supported.  An alarm output is available as an additional option.  Click here for datasheet.

Oscillator Options for Holdover
The Meridian has a complete set of oscillator options available for differing levels of holdover performance.

More Options
Many options are available in the Meridian.  Some of these options are:
  • Low-phase-noise sine wave outputs (1, 5 or 10 MHz).
  • Rate outputs (TTL) or 1.544 MHz or 2.048 MHz.
  • An alarm output.
Web Interface
Sample Meridian II Webpage
Status monitoring can be easily accomplished by pointing your web browser to the Meridian.  Here is an example of one of the status pages.  You can also perform software upgrades with the Web Interface.  For security-conscious users, HTTPS can be completely disabled.

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