Time Server

Sonoma PTP/IEEE-1588 Grandmaster Clock
Two Gigabit Ports, Hardware Timestamping Provides Nanosecond Slave Synchronization

PTP Grandmaster Clock
Configure the new Sonoma Time Server to operate as a PTP/IEEE-1588 Grandmaster Clock.  Sonoma offers the best price/performance ratio on the market with two gigabit ports and hardware timestamping providing 8 nanoseconds resolution.
  • PTP/IEEE-1588-2008 (Version 2).
  • Two gigabit network ports, each configurable to provide PTP packets.
  • Default profile.
  • Up to 128 sync packets per second.
  • Grandmaster timestamp accuracy to reference clock is 8 nanoseconds.
  • GPS reference clock accuracy is 30 nanoseconds.
  • CDMA reference clock accuracy is 10 microseconds.
  • Free technical support for life.  No support contract needed.
GPS-Synchronization for Highest Accuracy
With high capacity and hardware-based packet processing, the Sonoma Grandmaster Clock delivers the performance and accuracy that is required in high-speed, low-latency applications with a PTP timestamp resolution of 8 nanoseconds and timestamp accuracy of 30 nanoseconds.

CDMA-Synchronization for Easy Installation
This Grandmaster Clock synchronizes to CDMA signals so the antenna can be installed inside your data center.  There is an optional OCXO for maintaining accurate time if the CDMA signal is lost, and an optional 1PPS Output for comparing the Grandmaster to a Slave 1PPS.  With its indoor antenna and 10-microsecond timing accuracy, it is perfect for residing in a co-located environment where GPS antenna access is difficult.
Network Time Server

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