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60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Network Time Servers
A Network Time Server is a device that uses radio frequency signals such as GPS or CDMA to calculate the correct time.  It then uses a standard network protocol such as NTP (Network Time Protocol) or PTP/IEEE-1588 (Precision Time Protocol) to keep all workstations on your network synchronized to within 1/2 millisecond of each other for NTP and within 100 nanoseconds for PTP (with hardware slaves).  When you own a Network Time Server you can put it inside your firewall to avoid the many problems associated with wandering computer clocks AND to avoid the security problems associated with using an Internet Time Server.

Time & Frequency Standards
Our Time and Frequency Standards are devices that calculate the correct time by using radio frequency signals from GPS.  By staying "locked" to the atomic clock based GPS signals, these standards generate very precise timing and sine wave frequency outputs that are used in a variety of applications.  Our products are the most precise, stable, and reliable GPS-based time and frequency standards in the world.

Distribution Amplifiers
Time and Frequency Standards often go into very large systems that require many timing or frequency outputs.  To create multiple isolated copies of sinewave or pulse rate outputs, use our state-of-the-art distribution amplifiers.  These distribution chassis take an input and multiply it into 10 outputs to be distributed throughout your system.

More Products
Preamplifiers, fiber optic link, time displays, GPS antenna options, OEM receiver board, and small CDMA-synchronized products.

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