Power Utilities

The requirement for time & frequency equipment in the power utility industry is twofold.  First, as with any other modern business, there is the need to accurately and securely synchronize your IT network.  One way to synchronize the time across your IT network is to access an Internet Time Server.  This presents a significant security risk because it requires you to open port 123 in the firewall, creating a commonly-known entry point for hackers.

The best way to time synchronize your IT network is to install a reliable and secure source of network time inside your firewall.  Our network time servers obtain precision time through either the Global Positioning System (GPS) or through the CDMA cell phone system.  Both systems are extremely reliable.

The second requirement for timing equipment in the power utility industry is for the synchronization of fault detection equipment, SCADA systems, protective relays, and remote terminal units.  When all power control stations are time synchronized then traffic control, monitoring and troubleshooting are enhanced.  Timing equipment is also used to record the time delay between two points on a power grid.  This time information helps to accurately identify where a power line break occurred.  Our products meet the Feb.2004 recommendations from the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) for event timing at power substations.  This document recommends that all data recorders be time-synchronized with GPS.

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Tycho II Precision TimeBase
Frequency Standard
An economical and reliable time & frequency standard with outputs suited for the power industry including IRIG-B time code, NTP, and IEEE-1588 PTP.

Meridian II Precision TimeBase
Other Frequency Standards
A time & frequency standard with unmatched precision and accuracy.

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