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Sonoma N12 New High-Performance Network Time Server
Dual Gigabit Ports, CDMA-Synchronized

CDMA Time Server
The Sonoma N12 is a Stratum 1 NTP server that provides an accurate, reliable and secure source of network time inside your firewall.
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Indoor antenna.  (No cell phone subscription required.)
  • Two 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports.
  • Screaming Fast: 7,500 NTP packets/second with <10 microsecond NTP timestamp accuracy.  Supports hundreds of thousands of network clients.
  • View and correlate data plots with NTP, CPU and Oscillator statistics.
  • NTP, SNTP, HTTPS (Web Interface), SNMP, SSH, SCP, MD5, TIME, DAYTIME, TELNET, FTP, DHCP and more.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 compliant.
  • Free technical support for life.
  • Options: Oscillator Upgrades, Alarm, Timecode, 1PPS, Pulse Rates, Sysplex, Dual Power Supplies, -48Vdc, PTP/IEEE-1588 Grandmaster, and more.
Easy & Safe to Install
Most Stratum 1 NTP Servers require an antenna that must be installed on the roof of your building, with good sky visibility.  The Sonoma eliminates this problem by synchronizing to signals broadcast from the CDMA mobile cellular/PCS telephone system.  You can install the antenna wherever the unit is located, even on top of your equipment rack, and still have an NTP server that is as stable and accurate as with GPS.  And, by installing the antenna safely inside, the Sonoma eliminates any risk of damage to your equipment rack caused by lightning strikes.  Read about our other CDMA-synchronized NTP Time Server.

Network Security Hardened
Extra care has been taken with the Sonoma to "harden" it against network attacks.  There are only a small handful of settings that need to be made and they typically need to be set only once in the lifetime of the product.  Since this is a set-it-and-forget-it box we have eliminated all extraneous protocols/services in order to minimize exposure to security holes.  You can change critical settings via SSH or Telnet and monitor the alarm/status information by using HTTPS, SNMP, SSH or Telnet.  Security-conscious users can disable any of the risky protocols or restrict access to specific hosts.

Web Interface
Sample Sonoma Webpage with Plots
A wealth of information is available via the Sonoma Web Interface:
  • Monitor status.
  • View configuration.
  • Easily upgrade firmware.
  • View and correlate data plots with NTP, CPU and Oscillator statistics.
  • Security-conscious users can choose to completely disable the Web Interface (HTTPS).

Data Plots
While providing precise time to the network, the Sonoma is saving status information not only to the typical log files (Syslog), it also stores daily and weekly status plot files for the CPU, NTP and Oscillator.  All of the plot files are available via the Web Interface and can be downloaded from the server as .png files.

Extended Stratum 1 Operation if Signal Lost
If your CDMA signal is lost, then the Sonoma will continue to serve Stratum 1 time for a substantial period.  This is called the holdover period and is dependent upon the quality of the oscillator and the quality of the software control algorithms.  (Click here to see some reasons for signal loss.)

The basic Sonoma D12 is provided with a TCXO.  If the signal is lost it will drift away from perfect at the rate of 10 milliseconds during the first day.  This is the best holdover performance of any NTP time server on the market with a TCXO.  For even better holdover performance you may want to consider an oscillator upgrade.  Oscillator drift rates and Stratum 1 holdover periods are listed below:

Oscillator Drift Rate If No CDMA Signal Stratum 1 Holdover Period
TCXO 10 milliseconds for 1st day 24 hours
OCXO 80 microseconds for 1st day 35 days
Rubidium 5 microseconds for 1st day 140 days

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