The healthcare industry is under pressure to grow and become more efficient.  As this pressure increases healthcare providers are recognizing the need to maintain records electronically.  Several policies and regulations exist that affect the handling of electronic records (HIPAA, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, JCAHO).  These policies and regulations either recommend or require that providers use computer-generated timestamps.

Synchronize Your Network to Ensure Accurate Timestamps
The best way to implement accurate timestamping of electronic health records is by synchronizing the time across your IT network.  This ensures that all network devices have the correct time, that the times match across all devices, and it prevents deliberate falsification of time to alter a record.  Synchronizing your network time to an independent time source also supports interoperability, a growing requirement for electronic health records.

A Network Time Server Behind Your Firewall
The best solution for time synchronization is to install an accurate, reliable, and secure source of network time inside your firewall.  This will ensure accurate timestamping of all electronic records.  We offer several different time server models which will synchronize your network time to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).  UTC is recognized and used worldwide as the time standard for electronic record timestamping.  Our time servers obtain UTC through either the Global Positioning System (GPS) or through the CDMA cell phone system.  Both systems are extremely reliable sources of time.

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Network Time Servers
NTP Server
Network Time Servers precisely synchronize the time on your computer network.  Click here to read more.

Digital Wall Clocks
Time Display

High visibility time displays obtain accurate time from your Network Time Server.

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