GPS Preamplifiers
Best Combination of Performance, Packaging and Price

The G-LNA2 Low-Noise Amplifier offers the best combination of performance, packaging and price on the market.  It is a very high-performance device developed specifically for difficult environments and optimized for GPS applications.
  • Weather-proof.
  • Low noise figure: < 1.5 dB.
  • High linearity: > -12 dBm IP 1dB.
  • High gain: +26.5 dB +/-1 dB.
  • Low power: 15 mA.
  • Flat group delay: delta < 1 ns @ 1575 +/-1 MHz.
  • Group delay is individually measured and written on each LNA label with 1 ns resolution.
Weak Signal Strength Environments
Many GPS installations require a very long cable between a rooftop-mounted GPS antenna and the receiver.  In these situations a low-noise, inline GPS amplifier can make the crucial difference between your equipment operating properly or not.  In many situations, multiple preamplifiers are needed and the wide supply voltage range and extremely low current consumption of our preamplifiers allows them to be cascaded over as long as 1000 feet using small diameter RG-59 type cable.
GPS Low-Noise Amplifier
GPS Low-Noise Amplifier
High Interference Environments
Interference rejection is crucial in GPS receiver applications.  GPS antennas are often installed on rooftops with other communications antennas that are radiating interfering signals.  The G-LNA2 preamplifier uses surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters and highly linear semiconductors to achieve very high interference rejection, even in the presence of high levels of interference.

For more technical information read the G-LNA2 Low Noise Amplifer datasheet.

Part Quantity Price
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3509-0001-000 GPS Amplifier 1 - 9 $400 each
4011-0002-000 GPS Amplifier Kit
(Includes GPS Amplifier and 1' cable)
1 - 9 $430 each
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