Frequency Standards

Our Time & Frequency Standards

We can reliably provide you the most precise and stable GPS-derived time & frequency equipment in the world.  These products are specifically designed to perform the best in terms of accuracy, stability, low phase noise and holdover.  Following is a sample of our specifications when using our top-of-the-line Ultra Stable OCXO:
  • Timing Accuracy is <10 ns to UTC(USNO) when locked.
  • Frequency Accuracy is < 6x10-14 to UTC for 1 day.
  • Frequency Stability at 1 second is < 6x10-14.
  • Phase Noise at 10 MHz is <-110 dBc at 1 Hz and <-150 dBc at 10 kHz.
  • Harmonics at 50 ohms are < -45 dBc.
  • Holdover is <10 us at 24 hours. With a High-Stability Rubidium the holdover is <1 us at 24 hours.
How Is A Frequency Standard Like A Violin?
How Is A Frequency Standard
Like A Violin?

Oscillators & Frequency Steps

We have been selecting and tuning precision frequency control componentry for 25 years.  During that time we have learned which components to use, and if we don't make them ourselves, we know where to get the best.  One component at the heart of every good frequency standard is an oscillator, either quartz or rubidium.  We've learned that most quartz oscillators suffer from frequency steps that cannot be mitigated by any software algorithm.  The oscillators that we manufacture for use in our time & frequency standards are selected to be the absolute best in their class - no frequency steps - guaranteed.

Our Experience in Making Disciplined Frequency Standards

Our engineering team includes the designer of the first microprocessor-controlled disciplined frequency standard which was introduced in 1983 using Loran-C signals.  Since then we have created leading GPS-based standards and pioneered the use of CDMA for these applications.  We have extensive experience with every broadcast RF signal source that has been used to discipline oscillators and provide precise time & frequency outputs.  The products we are building today are the culmination of this legacy of experience in dealing with real world signal reception anomalies and oscillator behaviors.
Meridian II Precision TimeBase
Frequency Standard
A GPS-synchronized, full-featured, time and frequency standard that provides the ultimate in precision and flexibility.

Tycho II Precision TimeBase
Frequency Reference
A cost-effective time and frequency standard that uses GPS as its timing source.

Telecom Primary Reference Source
Telecom Primary Reference
A cost-effective PRS with telecom clock outputs to meet the requirements of ANSI T1.101 and ITU-T G.811.

RTM3205 Time & Frequency Module
Time & Frequency
Optimized for size, weight and power (SWaP), but can exceed the stability of a cesium atomic frequency reference.

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