FDC3300 Frequency Distribution Chassis
For Distributing Mid-Range Frequency Sinewaves (10 kHz to 10 MHz)

Frequency Distribution Chassis

Our Frequency Distribution Chassis is a ten-channel, RF distribution amplifier in a 1U rackmount chassis.  It provides ten isolated copies of an input signal.  Fault sensing of signal levels is provided on all inputs and outputs, and fault status is easily visible via front-panel LED indicators.  Features are:
  • Single Input or Autoswitching Between Dual Inputs
  • 10-Channel, Broadband (10 kHz to 10 MHz) Sine Wave Distribution
  • Low Added Phase Noise
  • High Port-to-Port Isolation
  • Very Low Distortion
  • RS-232 Port for Control and Monitoring
  • Dual-Redundant AC or DC Power Supply Option
  • Ethernet Port Option for Remote Control and Monitoring
We have two different Frequency Distribution Chassis models.  This one is our standard model.  Our high-performance Frequency Distribution Chassis has state-of-the-art isolation and phase noise performance along with an upper frequency limit of 30 MHz.

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Frequency Distribution Chassis

Frequency Distribution Chassis
A high-performance alternative for broadband (100 kHz to 30 MHz) sine wave distribution with superior isolation and phase-noise performance.

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