The transition from analog to digital television is spreading throughout the world.  In Europe, progress towards all digital television is rapidly advancing.  Satellite and cable are the first to deliver broadcast digital television services with terrestrial broadcasting to follow.  Several of our major clients are equipment suppliers for these DVB/DAB systems.

In the United States, Congress has mandated that all analog tv systems cease transmission by Feb 2009.  As broadcasters make the switch from analog to digital a need for precision frequency control arises when the DTV station operates on a channel close to a nearby NTSC (conventional analog television) channel.  Interference can result if the channel frequencies are not precise.  The easiest solution for this problem is to lock the transmitter channel frequencies to high-precision 10-MHz signals that are synchronized to GPS.

Another need arises because the digital transmissions contain more information.  Packing in more information requires more precise frequency control.  Again, the best solution is to lock the transmitter channel frequencies to ultra-stable GPS-synchronized 10-MHz signals.

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Tycho II Precision TimeBase
Frequency Standard
An economical and reliable time & frequency reference with outputs suited for the broadcast industry including 1PPS and 10 MHz.

Meridian II Precision TimeBase
Frequency Standards
A time & frequency reference with unmatched precision and accuracy.

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