The need for precise time and frequency has touched almost every aspect of life in the modern world.  It is at the heart of our high-tech society - enabling wireline & wireless communications and interconnectivity.  EndRun Technologies is a privately held time & frequency company founded in 1998.  We design, manufacture and market equipment used in IT networks, military communications, aerospace, broadcast applications, engineering & calibration laboratories, and more.

Our engineering team is expert in most aspects of the time & frequency field and is composed of people who are leaders in the industry having pioneered the following developments:

  • First microprocessor-controlled disciplined frequency standard in 1983.
  • First digitally temperature-compensated quartz & rubidium frequency standards in 1988.
  • First GPS/Loran-C disciplined frequency standard in 1991.
  • First GPS timing receiver capable of disciplining an external cesium standard. Deployed in Iridium global wireless communications system in 1995.
  • First GPS P(Y)-Code Timing Receiver for military applications in 1997.
  • First successful development of a CDMA receiver designed specifically for time & frequency applications in 2000.

While our company is located in California, our many customers are spread throughout the world: NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in the Netherlands, Teva Pharmaceutical in Israel, Mobicom Corporation in Mongolia, Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd., in Singapore, National Institute of Polar Research in Antarctica, South African Large Telescope, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the New York Stock Exchange and the United States Military (Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines).

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Made in America

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